Cluster Bantuan Pangan

West and South Jakarta, Rice Distribution for TB Patien, Oct 2008 – June 2009, BMP-WFP

School Feeding Program, Nutrition for 17.866 Primary School Children in Tangerang Kota and Kabupaten, Fortified Biscuit  and KIE distribution, BMP-WFP, July 2007 – Dec 2008

Posyandu Program, Nutrition for Pregnant Women Lactating Mother and Under 5 Babies, Fortified Noodles and Bicuits, KIE, Posyandu Kit distribution and Nutrition education accordance with WFP Training Modul, Tangerang Kabupaten, July 2007 – April 2008, BMP-WFP

Food Assistance for Flood Victim,  in Babelan and Tarumajaya Subdistric, Bekasi, Fortified Noodles and Biscuits distribution, Feb 2007, BMP-WFP, In Perum Pondok Gede Permai, Rice and Fortified Noodes and biscuits distribution, March 2005, BMP-KPPM-WFP

Food Assistance for Yogyakarta Earthquake victim, Fortified Noodles and Biscuits distribution, June – Sept 2006, BMP-WFP, MP-ASI Fortified complemantary  food (Instant Porridge) distribution, Sept – Oct 2006, BMP-Unicef, Food supplement for under 5 babies, Vitalita Sprinkle, Bantul Kabupaten, Juli – August 2006, BMP-HKI-Unicef

Food Assistance for Poor People with very low income in Tangerang, Banten Province, Subsudies cheap rice distribution, Feb 2002 – Dec 2005, BMP-KPPM-WFP

Cluster Air Bersih Sanitasi dan Kebersihan

Merapi Eruption Response, Build Emergency Latrine BMP-Plan-ACF, Jerrycan Distribution BMP-Oxfam-ACF, Hygiene Promotion BMP-Oxfam, Installation water purifier (RO) BMP-ITB Nov- Dec 2010

West Java Recovery Project, Build Public Latrine, Hygiene and cooking kit and Jerrycan distribution, TOT Hygiene promotion for community and teacher, hygiene promotion in community and primary school, Sosialization Hand washing with soap, Ciamis, Dec 2009 – April 2010, BMP-Oxfam GB.

West Sumatra Emergency Response,Public health promotion, NFI distribution, Water quality monitoring, Padang Pariaman, Oct 2009 – Feb 2010, BMP-Oxfam GB

Situgintung flush flood,Cleaning tools and water tank distribution, mud cleaning using high presure pump, March 2009,BMP-Artha Graha Peduli

World Water Day, Healthy Walk, Drawing Competition, Save Water Chain Campaig,March 2009, BMP- Oxfam GB- AMPL- Palang Merah Jakarta Utara-RAPI Jakarta Utara

Global Hand Washing Day, Hand Washing Festival,Oct 2008, BMP-Oxfam GB-ICRC-AMPL-PMI Jakarta Barat-Tagana Jakarta Barat

Padang Earthquake, NFI Tarpaulin Baby Kit Clean up Kit Water Tank distribution, March – April 2007, BMP-Muslim Aid

Jakarta Flood Response, Solid waste management Hygiene Kit and Cleaning Tool and High presure pump Distribution, Carry out and maintenance of high presure pump, Public helath campain day, March – June 2007, BMP-Oxfam GB, NFI and Cleaning Kit Distribution, Fogging, Watsan Activity, April 2007, BMP-Muslim Aid-UN Ocha

Laporan Kegiatan BMP

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